The web is no longer just point and click to gather information. Web 2.0 is interactive tools full of opportunities to read, write, and publish, encouraging students to become active learners. Teachers can utilize web 2.0 tools to add interest to their lessons and engage students to enhance literacy development.

We are currently in the process of categorizing all of our web 2.0 tools to help when searching for a specific kind of tool. Please ignore the mess while we get it all straight! Listed below are the topics we've divided our mega list of tools into. You can click on a single category to see tools of that nature, or just browse all of the amazing tools & their descriptions below. It is becoming quite a comprehensive list (over 200 sites), so we are certain you will find something amazing, unique, and inspiring to use in your classroom. Check back as we update the lists.

If you have any additional sites you would like to see added here, please email Carol at

Presentation Tools
Writing Tools
Collaboration Tools (websites, wikis, blogs)
Video, Music, Audio Tools
Photo Tools
Organizing Tools
Converting Tools
Mind Mapping Tools
Quiz & Poll Tools
Graphing & Timeline Tools
Creativity Tools (Avatars, Widgets, Word Clouds)
Online libraries & Booklists
Other helpful sites (screen capturing, etc.)

Alphabetical Listing of Sites & Descriptions