Standard 2:
22. Write compositions of two or more paragraphs that are organized with the following:
  • a central idea
  • a logical, sequential order
  • supporting details that develop ideas
  • transitional words within and between paragraphs (ELA 2 E1)
23. Incorporate grade appropriate vocabulary and information when writing for an intended audience and/or purpose (ELA 2 E2)
24. Develop compositions of two or more paragraphs using writing processes such as the following:
  • selecting a topic
  • prewriting using strategies such as brainstorming, locating information, and generating graphic organizers
  • drafting
  • conferencing with teachers
  • revising and proofreading
  • creating a final draft for publication (ELA 2 E3)
25. Develop organized one- and two paragraph compositions using description and narration (ELA 2 E4)
26. Use a variety of literary devices, including idioms and personification, in written responses and compositions (ELA 2 E5)
27. Write for various purposes, including:
  • informal letters using appropriate letter format
  • book reports and informational compositions that include main ideas and significant details from the text (ELA 2 E6)