Standard 2:
21. Write compositions of one or more paragraphs, organized with a central idea and a coherent beginning, middle, and end (ELA 2 E1)
22. Use a greater variety of action and descriptive words when writing for a specific purpose and/or audience (ELA 2 E2)
23. Develop compositions of one or more paragraphs using writing processes such as the following:
  • independently generating ideas for writing by using various strategies (e.g., listing, brainstorming, drawing)
  • creating a plan (e.g., graphic organizer, web) appropriate to the purpose of writing
  • writing a first draft with a developed beginning, a middle, and an end
  • conferencing with a teacher or peers
  • revising for clarity, grammatical and mechanical correctness, and/or to include additional information
  • creating a final draft for possible publication (ELA 2 E3)
24. Develop grade appropriate compositions, for example:
  • friendly letters
  • poems
  • stories
  • informational descriptions with some detail (ELA 2 E4)
25. Use literary devices, including patterns of rhythm and simile in writing (ELA 2 E5)
26. Write for various purposes, including:
  • letters or invitations that include relevant information and follow a letter/envelope format
informal writing, including messages, journals, notes, and poems (ELA 2 E6)