Literacy is a natural marriage of reading and writing. Let's face it. Literacy is the framework of a classroom, especially for primary and intermediate grades. Looking for ways to connect reading and writing in the classroom benefits students twofold -- knowledge is gained, while a motivation to read and write is developed.

•Reading and writing are complementary processess.
•Reading and writing are constructive processes.
•Reading and writing share similar processes and kinds of knowledge.
•When taught together, reading and writing improve children’s achievement.
•Reading and writing together serve to foster and enhance communication.
•When combined reading and writing help to develop critical thinking.


-understand how reading and writing are interwoven
-review research based best practices for incorporating reading and writing into the classroom
-understand the LA Standards for each grade level
-review strategies for connecting reading and writing in the classroom
-obtain 21st Century literacy skills
-review various assessment to be used for reading and writing instruction