Standard 2:
19. Write using developmental/inventive spelling, supported by drawing or dictation to the teacher to express ideas (ELA 2 E1)
20. Create compositions by participating in shared writing activities (ELA 2 E1)
21. Use illustrations, developmental/inventive spelling, and appropriate vocabulary to write for a specific purpose and/or audience (ELA 2 E2)
22. Create simple text using prior knowledge by drawing, dictating to the teacher, and/or writing using developmental/inventive spelling (ELA 2 E3)
23. Use classroom resources (e.g., word walls, picture dictionaries, teachers, peers) to support a writing process (ELA 2 E3)
24. Actively discuss ideas and select a focus for group stories (ELA 2 E3)
25. Write informal notes, lists, letters, personal experiences, and stories using developmental/inventive spelling and pictures (ELA 2 E4)
26. Use rhyme and alliteration in group-shared writing activities (ELA 2 E5)
27. Use developmental/inventive spelling, supported by pictures, to represent a word or idea or to respond to a life experience or a text read aloud (ELA 2 E6)